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The survivor population includes those diagnosed with dissociative disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and other trauma-related disorders. While many survivors end up living successful lives, too many end up crippled by the symptoms of these disorders. Trauma-related disorders, which develop from traumatic experiences, can simply leave those afflicted with them unable to cope.

Paradoxically, those with histories of trauma are often times not willing to work through their mental torment because of the emotional pain involved. As a result there are many men and women who suffer their entire lives, never understanding why. They are in danger of leaving our world before ever coming to know that things can be different...that there are other options.

If you have come to realize that trauma has affected your life, this site is dedicated to you. Each page linked to the above menu has been built in order to provide information on coping with the symptoms of traumatic stress, to offer insight into different aspects of functioning after trauma, and with the hope of showing you that thriving exists after trauma and abuse.

Please keep in mind that no professionals have been involved in the construction of this website. If you have a trauma-based disorder, or any other trauma related problems, and are not functioning well as a result, it is important for you to seek the assistance of a qualified therapist who can guide you through your healing. This website has been made to provide you with useful resources, coping techniques, and hope for healing along the way

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